Southbound Enterprises, Inc. will fuel your company's growth in the transportation industry by turning your freight bills and invoices into cash fast.  We specialize in the trucking industry and have been factoring for companies like you since 2001.

Cash for your receivables can ease the burden of meeting payroll and paying bills, and can help you market your services more effectively.  The time and expense of direct management of your accounts receivable can instead be devoted to making your business grow even more.

Southbound Enterprises, Inc.

12500 State Route 124                                                                                     Phone: (740) 493-2699

Piketon, Ohio 45661                                                                                                                                              Fax: (740) 493-2716

  • Advance Rate of 85%
  • Rates as Low as 3%
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Comdata Cards
  • Recourse Factoring Program
  • Small & Large Fleets Welcome
  • Start-Up Businesses Welcome
  • Quick & Easy Set-Up
  • References Available Upon Request

Our fees are as follows:

0-45 days out = Escrow 12%; Southbound Fees 3%

46-60 days out = Escrow 11%; Southbound Fees 4%

61-90 days out = Escrow 10%; Southbound Fees 5%


What's even better?  You choose which customers you offer to us for factoring.  We do require that you factor all the receivables due from any particular debtor.  We will check our accounts that you wish to factor and advise you which debtors we will be able to factor for you.  You can screen a customer before hauling the load by calling us direct.  We will check our past records with the debtor and inform you of their payment history.  We will also check to make sure that they don't have a history of involuntary revocation of their authorities, all at no additional charge to you.  We are also a subscriber to Ansonia Credit Data, a nationwide network of transportation companies that share credit information on their customers.


You send Southbound your invoice with your letterhead made out to the debtor, with all of the backup paperwork that's required by your debtor.  Such as rate confirmation sheet and all original Proof of Delivery or Bills of Lading with any receipts necessaryWe advance money on your freight bills within hours of receiving your originals.


We are able to fund you within hours of receiving your originals by loading your 85% advance to the Comdata card that we supply to you at no additional charge.  We can also send you a check if that is what you desire, or you may come by our office and pick up your check personally, we have many clients that stop in to do business one-on-one.  We can even do split funding.

Recourse Program

We are a Recourse Factoring Company and what that means to you is that if your debtor fails to pay in 90 days, that debt ultimately comes back to you.  But Southbound Enterprises, Inc. does everything possible to prevent this from happening.  Before we bill your first invoice, we contact your debtor and verify that we have all of the required paperwork to make that transaction as smooth as possible.  Southbound Enterprises, Inc. will make sure they will be paying on time.  We will give you a weekly aging report, which will help you manage your business, and this will also work as an advance notice if there are any debtors that are not holding up to their end of the terms.  When Southbound receives payment from the debtor, you receive that balance of the Reserve Escrow less a transaction fee wit your rebate report.

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